Closing Aggregates of UET Lahore

uet lahore
Closing Aggregates of University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore are given below:-

Closing Aggregates of UET Lahore (Main Campus)
A Category (Open Merit)
Architectural Engineering74.7375.89
Chemical Engineering76.0676.17
City & Regional Planning70.2571.08
Civil Engineering77.3978.04
Computer Engineering77.1477.65
Computer Science72.6372.44
Electrical Engineering79.1578.38
Environmental Engineering69.9871.14
Geological Engineering68.4970.01
Industrial & Manufacturing Engg73.4374.52
Mechanical Engineering79.4480.17
Mechatronics & Control Engg77.1276.51
Metallurgical & Materials Engg71.8471.98
Mining Engineering68.7669.30
Petroleum & Gas Engineering76.4876.05
Polymer Engineering69.0170.33
Product & Industrial Design68.368.56
Transportation Engineering70.6571.40
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