Environmental Sciences in Pakistan

environmental sciences in Pakistan, jobs for environmental sciences
Basic Guideline:
Environmental Science is a new era of a field of study. Environmental Sciences is a versatile field, and you can say it is a derivative form or has evolved from Chemistry and Biology with Mathematics involved to some extent. It is an interdisciplinary field, it is the study which is related to the environment all around us, how the species living interacts with the environment, how they are affecting it and so on. Environmental Science deals with is your environment safe in which you are living is it up to the mark? How are you keeping it whether you are causing over excessive rates of pollution, throwing litters of garbage on land and water bodies? It deals with the strategies and controls involving how to control pollution at both national and international level, what measures to take to prevent from climate change and global warming, what to do to go on to choosing cleaner fuels for you motor vehicles? How to prevent habitat destruction, strategies how can you reduce deforestation? Planning the structures and buildings according to the conditions if it is feasible. It’s about how to plan your city to have green belts (a green belt doesn’t mean grasses it means growing trees). How to manage the waste dumping at sites? How to protect the health and safety of occupational workers at sites? How to assure the food safety? And so on...

Study Involved:
Environmental Science involves pollution control, solid waste management, conservation of species, climate change, global warming, environmental planning, food safety, health safety, environmental biotechnology, sustainable development, cleaner fuels, more importantly shifting towards green technology alternative energy sources (wind energy, solar energy etc) rather than using fossil fuels as source of producing energy which is seriously damaging the environment.

Career Opportunities:
Environmental Sciences Graduates can work as Environmental Scientist, as an Environmental Engineer (Only after doing Environmental Engineering), Environmental Lawyer, Environmental Planner, Conservationist, Chemist, Microbiologists, Ecologists, Meteorologists and Oceanographers. They can also work in Research and Development Organizations, Industries, Health Departments, Environmental NGO’s, Environmental Consultancies, Solid Waste Management Companies, Environmental Education.

Environmental Scientists are problem solvers. They research environmental and health problems to determine their causes and come up with solutions. They investigate issues and do research to find a solution to the problems, how to mitigate, minimize the consequences or eliminate them.

Environmental Science is not just about saying, It’s about doing!
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