Closing Aggregates of PUCIT

closing aggregates of pucit
The Closing Aggregates of Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT) for the last three years are given below Note: No Entry Test was conducted in 2015

Closing Aggregates of PUCIT
Programs201320142016 2017
BSSE (New Campus)79.9578.1077.76 83.02
BSSE (Old Campus)81.0079.5174.23 82.61
BSCS (New Campus)76.5876.2973.58 81.96
BSCS (Old Campus)78.3378.2574.73 82.90
BSIT (New Campus)75.0072.3069.96 78.07
BSIT (Old Campus)75.5773.8071.89 79.10
BSSE (New Campus)76.0374.7970.50 78.84
BSSE (Old Campus)77.0576.1572.85 80.06
BSCS (New Campus)74.8673.6170.03 77.40
BSCS (Old Campus)75.5274.3570.84 79.66
BSIT (New Campus)73.6871.7168.15 77.07
BSIT (Old Campus)73.7273.4468.91 77.28
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