PMDC Cancels Registration of 10 Colleges

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has canceled the registration of 10 Medical and Dental Colleges which were approved by the previous Pakistan Medical Commissions (PMC). As the Court has revoked Pakistan Medical Commission, all the decisions made by the Commission have been declared unlawful. Therefore, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has stopped the colleges from admitting fresh students, and the students who have already been admitted for the session 2019-20 in the said colleges would be adjusted in the colleges already approved / accredited by the PMDC.

The medical and dental colleges for which the PMDC has canceled the registrations are:
  1. Abbottabad International Medical College, Abbottabad
  2. Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College, Karachi
  3. Dow Dental College, Karachi
  4. Muhammad Dental College, Mirpurkhas
  5. Swat Medical College, Swat
  6. Shifa College of Dentistry, Islamabad
  7. Azra Naheed Dental College, Lahore
  8. Watim Medical College, Rawalpindi
  9. Khairpur Medical College, Khairpur Mirs
  10. Dental Section, Rawal Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad

The Ad hoc Council, made by the Supreme Court, has decided to adjust all the students already studying in the above-mentioned colleges to other approved medical and dental colleges to save their future and precious time. The Council has directed these colleges to transfer the entire amount received from students to the receiving colleges as prescribed by the respective admitting universities as soon as possible but not later than one month so that the council could adjust the students at earliest.
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