How to Prepare for UHS MCAT

With increasing hype of getting admission in medical school and with rising merit for past few years, it's important to cope with these challenges.
            Let's have a brief look at the pattern of the test. The test shall consist of one paper containing 200 multiple choice questions-four options with single best answer- divided into four sections, namely:
1) Biology (80 MCQs)
2) Chemistry (60 MCQs)
3) Physics (40 MCQs)
4) English (General for language proficiency) (20 MCQs)
  • The duration of test shall be 150 minutes (2.5 hours) and total marks are 200.
  • There shall be no Negative Marking in the test. For each correct answer, 1 marks will be awarded to the candidate and for each incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted from the total score. No mark will be deducted on not attempting a question.      
  • First of all, I recommend, to attempt Biology section because it constitutes the major portion of your test and most of the questions in biology are simple and easy. Regarding preparation, thoroughly read the book. Don't skip any topic. Shortlist important points in a separate notebook so that you can revise at the end. 
  • Secondly, attempt English section. For English, you have to focus on vocabulary and the basic grammar. Do maximum practice for this. Spend at least 30 minutes daily for this practice.
  • Thirdly, attempt Chemistry section. For this subject, at least read the book thoroughly for once. Then you can just focus on the topics mentioned in the syllabus
  • In the end, attempt Physics portion as it takes time and a little bit tricky for medicos. Regarding preparation, focus on numerical.
           The most important point is, What should you do if you are not sure about the right answer. There are 2 possibilities, either you have not the slightest idea of the question or you are confused between 2 choices. In the former case, leave the question unattempted and in the latter case, calm down yourself for few seconds then do a little brainstorming, you will surely sort out the right answer.
There are few things you have to keep in mind before starting preparation for entrance test:
Set a goal:
"Write your goal on a sticky note and paste it on your cupboard and read it every day"
Always trust your gut feelings. Make sure you are doing what you really want to do. Medicine needs a lot of patience, courage and determination.After you have decided then don't ever give up, no matter what the circumstances are.
goals, my goals
Make a schedule: 
Proceed with a proper schedule.Count the days and divide the syllabus accordingly. Give appropriate time to each and every subject.
schedule, time management
Stick to the books:
        MCAT has the basic rule, 'Stick to the books". The whole MCAT paper will be based on the text books. They are more than enough and will serve the purpose well.

Past Papers:
Get the past papers of the entrance test in the printed form. Keep them with yourself. Try solving the papers. In this way, you can have idea of what type of questions you can have in the test.
Past Papers(Click Here)
Syllabus : 
        Most importantly, you should have syllabus of UHS in the printed form. Before starting a unit, read the syllabus. Keep in mind the mentioned topics and focus more on them but do read the whole chapter for once at least.
MCAT Syllabus 2019 (Click Here)

      As it is said, 'Practice makes a man perfect'. No matter how hard you cram a subject you can't go through entrance test until you have practiced MCQ to a maximum. For this purpose, you can buy KIPS MCAT series or Dogar series. Spend at least 2 hours daily for this practice.
practice, practice makes a man perfect
Honest self-analysis is very important. Just before you go to bed, take out 30 mins, analyze your preparation.Write down your weak points and sort out the ways to make them your stronger ones.
self analysis, analysis
Wise are those who always have plan B. Try to appear in entrance test of all the universities.You should always keep other doors open for yourself so that you may not end up being devastated.
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Make sincere prayers for yourself and others. Ask your parents for this. Stay calm and patient. If ALLAH wants it for you, it will be yours. Don't stress out so much. Trust ALLAH
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