How to Prepare for NUST Entry Test

We will provide you complete information and tips regarding the preparation of NUST Entry Test. It will surely help you.
Below is the pattern of NUST Entry Test.
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Total Marks: 200         Total Time: 3 hours
NUST Entry Test (NET)
Subjects MCQs
Mathematics / Biology 80
Physics 60
Chemistry / Computer 30
English 20
Intelligence 10
Note: This pattern is only for BE Engineering, BS Computer Science and BS Applied Biosciences.

NUST logoGeneral Information

NUST conducts its three entry tests a year. Computer Based Test is conducted at Islamabad while paper-based test is conducted at Karachi in April and July.
NET-1 is conducted in December.
NET-2 is conducted in March-April.
NET-3 is conducted in June-July roughly.

Tips For Mathematics / Biology
Firstly, we will discuss Maths. Maths is not about knowing the method or formula by which you solve questions. But in NET it is about solving the question in less than a minute and picking the right option. You have to solve the whole question to reach the answer. For this, you should be great in solving mathematical problems, or you know the short cut to solving mathematical questions. Think of yourself because time management is the key to success.
For Biology, you should focus on your FSc books because every question is from line to line and there are little questions which are conceptual.

Tips For Physics
Secondly, for Physics you should have broad concepts about a particular topic and a powerful grasp of it. Formulas should be at your fingertips by them you can solve Numerical Problems. You should remember all the small things like mass, weight, etc. because they may seem trivial, but when applied practically the can be a real difficulty for you. Look up minor details too, e.g., ''What is the speed of light in m/s?"

Tips For Chemistry / Computer
Thirdly, for Chemistry / Computer, uncomplicated questions are asked. If you have read the book thoroughly, then it is easy for you to pass Chemistry / Computer. In Chemistry / Computer, your cramming skills must be good. There are little questions which are conceptual in Chemistry / Computer.

Tips for English
Fourthly, for English, you have good grammatical skills and vocabulary. It depends on how you understand it and how well you have command over it. Don't freak out. If you struck at vocabulary, simply try to cut off your options. Cut off those which you think are not right and encircle the option which is left behind. You can practice your vocabulary by the word lists given at the end of SAT books (It is a little bit difficult one).

Tips For Intelligence Test
Last but not the least, intelligence test. It is a difficult one to do. If you have the ability to figure out the patterns or like that. You can do it by making rough calculations and by finding out the possible ways to solve that question. For coding, write ABC till Z and each letter will give a number. Now arrange the letters according to the given word and match the numbers which are asked. Others questions are similar to them.
Beat time because it is the main objective in NUST Entry Test. Feel free to ask us we will surely guide you.
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